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2019. August 29.


Have you ever taken a selfie with a statue of a potato beetle or fountain made of soda water bottles? Pose with unique, interesting pieces of public artwork that give you a glimpse into the past. Seek out the Szigetköz commercial railways memorial built in memory of the largely forgotten local company, visit one of the former ports, and while your there taste grandmother’s fresh baked bread. And of course, do not forget to take lots of photos.

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One of the newest ornamental fountains in downtown Győr, the 365 kg soda siphon was created by glass-maker László Hefter of Győr. Apart from the discovery of the dynamo principle, Ányos Jedlik is also credited with the basics of carbonated water production. The fountain is a testament to this discovery.

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The C50 type diesel engine and the wagon show a slice of the economic history of the Szigetköz. Until it permanently ceased in 1969, it carried produce from the fields of Szigetköz to nearby larger railway stations.

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To the left of the entrance of the central bakery plant of the Lipóti Bakery, a nation-wide company, there is a statue of the breaking of bread. The central figure is an older rural woman wearing a headscarf.

Among the most important and famous establishments in the town of Lipót is the Lipóti Bakery established in 1992, which is a nationwide chain today. The central bakery plant still operates out of the center of Lipót. In the summer, we can see a carved wooden statue left of the plant’s entrance, this work of art depicts the breaking of (Lipóti) bread. During the other seasons, it can be seen by the ground floor entrance of the visitors' center. The central figure is a rural woman wearing a headscarf. In her left hand, she is holding a round loaf of bread and in her right, she has a knife with which she is about to cut the bread.

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The memorial honors the Danube sailors who had once served here. The original engraved stone can also be seen bearing the words: 'Dedicated on May 4, 1933, in God's name, for the people of the Szigetköz.' At present, the statue of the Danube Sailor, a memorial park, the famous Dunaremete floodmark, and campground await visitors.

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A Szigetköz turisztikai és környezeti nevelési értékleltára 2014.

The bronze statue commemorates the fact that the first Hungarian sighting of the potato beetle, an insect that destroys the leaves of the potato plant, was in Hédervár in 1947. The plaque by the only statue in the country depicting a bug emphasizes that the artwork does not honor the pest, but rather the beginning of the organized protection of plants and crops which dates back to around the time when the potato beetle was discovered.

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Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 67 km
Duration: 04:29:02
Ascent: 266 m
Descent: 16 m
Refreshing point: Nincs
Level difference: 16m
Created: 2019.10.04
Number of appearance: 4813
Number of viewing: 2174
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