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2019. August 29.

Don’t know were to take the guy or girl you have your eye on for your first date? Take a romantic walk through Győr. Here we have 5 perfect places to have a wonderful time whether it is your first date or you have been seeing each other for a while. Either way, this tour provides you with the opportunity to spend quality time together.

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Meet up at the fountain opposite the city hall. The sight, renovated in 2016, symbolizes the three rivers of Győr. The Moson Danube, the Rába and the Rábca which all meet in the city. The fountain plays music several times days and is illuminated by night.

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The downtown exhibition hall of the János Xantus Zoo is called the Füles Bástya, allowing visitors a peek at South American Wildlife while you can also see the remnants of the Győr border fort from Turkish times. The Zoo is a great place for a date, you can walk, chat and not have to worry about awkward silences: the animals are always a good subject for conversation.

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The castle was built at the time of the foundation of the Hungarian state and is the home of the Győr diocese to this day. The lookout tower on top of the building gives visitors a uniquely beautiful panorama of the city.

The present appearance of the prelate's residence was commissioned by Bishop Ferenc Zichy (1743-1783). In the castle building, visitors can get acquainted with the Győr history of the cult of the Holy Crown, the Holy Right Hand, and Saint Laslo Herma. The relic room's artifacts uphold the memories of the Hungarian and European saints. The Saint's Tower shows the history of the Püspökvár's construction as well as the Győr bishops' portraits and coats of arms. On the top floor, you can view the Győr cityscape via recorded images from the end of the 19th century and the 1960s. See the city's unique panorama from the lookout tower.

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Thanks to the multitude of flowers and trees, the island is awash in color for the majority of the year. So, it is no surprise that its a popular spot for lovers to meet, a place full of excitement and splendid little nooks to hide away in. This is the site of the World War I heroes' memorial as well as the little Music Pavilion and the boathouse, a building with historical monument status.

Continue your journey to Radó Island. Thanks to its multitude of flowers and trees, the island is awash with color for most of the year. A perfect place to take your date if it's an intimate, romantic setting you wish for.

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An ideal place to have a chat over a hot cup of tea.

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Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3 km
Duration: 00:59:33
Ascent: 47 m
Descent: 15 m
Refreshing point: Nincs
Level difference: 15m
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