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2019. August 29.


There is a small town by the Danube that got its name from a medieval church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This is a picturesque little town was once the center of commerce in the Csallóköz, today it is a cultural and tourism destination, as apart from having a wide variety of sights to see, the town also boasts musical events such as Samaria Régi Zenei Napok (Old Samaria Music Days) or New Musik At Home. Visit Somorja and enjoy a music festival but don’t forget to have a good look around town as well.

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A statue park that is unique all over Europe. Visitors can pay their respects to the memories of modern musical legends such as Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Bon Scott. The sculptures are the works of Oskar Košecký.

The Immortal Civil Organization established the outdoor exhibition of reliefs depicting famous popular musicians near the Tornyos Restaurant (an old bourgeois villa renovated in 2000) and the bus stop.

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The City National History House of Somorja acquaints the visitors with its certified medieval artifacts, documents showing the development of the city as well the different implements of the historical farm household, the hemp industry, and fishing.

An oven for baking bread was built in the Local History House's yard in 1987 allowing the museum to showcase the traditional process of baking bread and lángos (traditional Hungarian scone). An interactive gold-panning exhibit is open to groups. The Local History House has been in the ownership of the Csallóköz Museum since 1982.

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One of the oldest and most beautiful Gothic churches in the Csallóköz. Near the church, foundations of charnels from the 12-13th were excavated.

The church was built in the third quarter if the 13th century in late Romanesque style. It is likely that the church also functioned as a local fortification and in order to fulfill this role, side aisles and a tower were added to it allowing occupants to better see the approaching enemy as well as the threat of fire and flood. During the course of the centuries, the church was reconstructed several times. It was renovated in Gothic style in the 15th century, its frescoes date back to this time. At the end of the 18th century, it became a Reformed church when the new complex was built. The foundations of charnels from the 12-13th century were excavated near the church.

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The church and monastery were built according to the plans of J.G. Altenburger. According to the documents from that time, the building was constructed between 1722 and 1778. The church and monastery, commissioned by the Minim Friars is an excellent example of late Baroque architecture. This is a single-aisle church with a sanctum enclosed with segmented arches.

The church and monastery were built according to the plans of J.G. Altenburger. According to the documents from that time, the building was constructed between 1722 and 1778. The church and monastery, commissioned by the Minim Friars is an excellent example of late Baroque architecture. This is a single-aisled church with a sanctum enclosed with segmented arches. Its tower is merged with the main facade. Its internal walls and ceiling are ornamented with frescoes and artistic paintings. The church and the monastery are connected with a hallway and a sacristy. The Minim order or as they were called at first, the order of Jesus and Mary was founded by Saint Francis of Paola and the founding of the order was confirmed by Pope Sixtus IV in 1474. Joseph II dissolved the order in 1786. The monastery is called the Korona (Crown) today for the Korona Restaurant that operated out of the city-owned wing of the building until the 1960s.

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The coronation column of the Virgin Mary can be found on the main square near valuable trees and a city well excavated in 1992.

The square base of the monument surrounded by a fence features a statue at each corner, among them Saint Florian, Saint John of Nepomuk and Saint Sebastian. At the top of the column, we can see the Coronation of Mary. The year of construction: 1685. The Louis Seize style column is likely the result of a renovation carried out centuries later. The historical city well can also be found on Fő (Main) Square, it was discovered and restored in 1992. We can also see valuable trees on the square.

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Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2 km
Duration: 00:14:18
Ascent: 21 m
Descent: 8 m
Refreshing point: Nincs
Level difference: 8m
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