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2021. September 10.

Tour planning

The Island Eco Farm offers accommodation in the vicinity of the Veľký Lél Island, not far from Komárno, as well as various programmes for those who come here. This venue, which offers a multi-day programme in itself, has been marked as the first stop of the cycling tour, where bird watching and guided field trips are also possible.

 - there is a stunning view of the nature surrounding Veľké Kosihy including the Danube reed beds on the border of the village, which is home to a nature reserve and a multitude of bird species, from the lookout tower created within the framework of the project ‘Let's clean the area along the Danube’.

There is a horseshoe-shaped backwater near the village of Číčov, which was formed by the breach of the dam in 1899. Although the damage caused by the floods was enormous, the ecosystem that developed here is invaluable as it gives home to many animal and plant species. One of the most valuable environmental areas of Central Europe is suitable to receive tourists, as (with the exception of the nesting period) an educational trail awaits those who are curious and wish to get closer to Nature. If you choose this tour and walk through Číčov, do not miss the Zichy-Kálnoky castle and castle park in the village.

The Danube Nature Park was created to support environmental education and the so-called soft tourism in addition to the preservation of the natural and the cultural heritage of the region and its use for rural development. There are plenty of interesting things in the area of the Great Bustard Environmental Education Centre: a thatched pavilion, a barefoot path, a live willow structure, a bird-watching tower, and a rope slide. There are permanent programmes in the Centre to give visitors a better understanding and increased knowledge of the magical region of the Rye Island.

A javasolt megközelítés nem feltétlenül veszi figyelembe az aktuális forgalmirend változásokat.


Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 47 km
Duration: 03:09:26
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Refreshing point: Van
Level difference:
Created: 2021.07.26
Number of appearance: 348
Number of viewing: 460
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