Hungary, 9022 Győr, Jedlik Ányos utca 3.
47.68941253, 17.63298959

Arrabona EGTC

The wrought-iron and lead-glass work depicting an umbrella, a pair of scissors and knives was chosen as the best Hungarian trade sign in 2005 by a panel of experts. The ornaments of the Hoffmann family's Győr shop were designed by Imre Nyuli, wrought by József Csizmazia and finalized by László Hefter, glass-worker and recipient of the Noémi Ferenczy Prize.

Attendance: Szabadon, korlátlanul látogatható

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Csikóca Artist's Workshop and Exhibition Hall

The institution was opened in 2010 as a Children's Museum. the interior was furnished to meet the needs of young visitors, the exhibited works are placed in such a way as to suit their height, the accompanying texts are supplemented with graphics in order to help youngsters better understand what they see. The programs are a great experience for the whole family. Activities related to the exhibitions are held in the building’s basement where participants can become acquainted with the techniques used to create the works of art, as well as with fine and applied arts in general. The drama room and the games that aid young visitors in processing the contents of the exhibition can be found in the interactive space. Participants can create their own works of art with the help of trained museum educators and artists.

Kreszta House

This 17th-century monument building was once the home of János Kreszta, spice merchant. At present, it houses an exhibition showcasing the life’s work of Margit Kovács (1902-1977), ceramic artist and Győr native. The exhibition is valuable as it is one of two locations which feature the folk art inspired statues, figurines, ornamental objects as well as Biblically-themed compositions by the mother of modern Hungarian ceramic art. Kovács’s other exhibition can be found in Szentendre.

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