Slovakia, 93005 Bős,
47.88162400, 17.54101600

Arrabona EGTC

"The foremost aim of the powerplant is to mitigate the effects of flooding, but at the same time, the plant provides approximately 8% of Slovakia’s electric energy source. Apart from these, it regulates the Danube riverbed and ensures the proper conditions for the protection of the Danube’s domestic delta. "

Local name: Vízerőmű

Attendance: Szabadon, korlátlanul látogatható

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Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch

The Catholic church is dedicated to Saint Margaret of Antioch and was built in the 14th century in gothic style. The building was remodeled at the end of the 15th century and transformed into Baroque style in 1770 with the support of Laslo Amadé.

Jankó Memorial Plaque

Writer and cultural politician Zoltán Jankó was born in Baka and spent his childhood here. A plaque in town hall set in place in 2006 honors his memory.

Historically Furnished House

The historically furnished house preserved on Békavár Street was established in 1985. It is maintained by the City Cultural Center and showcases how the citizens of Bős lived in bygone years and strives to uphold local traditions.

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