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2019. August 29.


Water: as we learned in chemistry class is a colorless, odorless, flavorless chemical occurring in all phases of matter. This compound is the basis and essence of life on Earth. Take a look at water from a different perspective, experience is strength and power, then see its serenity and calm, but above all, appreciate its picturesque beauty.

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The area provides not only active professional canoe slalom competitors and wild water rafting enthusiasts with a place to train, but it is also suitable for amateur athletes. Apart from water sports, you can try a variety of adrenaline boosting activities.

Apart from water sports, this area gives visitors the opportunity to try a variety of adrenaline-boosting activities. Start out from this point and row along the old riverbed of the Danube, the Bodaki Distributary System (Bodické ramená).

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The foremost aim of the powerplant is to mitigate the effects of flooding, but at the same time, the plant provides approximately 8% of Slovakia’s electric energy source. Apart from these, it regulates the Danube riverbed and ensures the proper conditions for the protection of the Danube’s domestic delta.

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The downstream channel of the Bős hydroelectric power plant flows into the Danube's mainstream channel.

The southernmost part of the island created due to the diversion of the Danube is a part of the municipality. Szap is located directly by the foot of the bank.

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The distributary of the Danube left in its natural state on the outskirts of the municipality of Csicsó is an invaluable natural asset, it can be found west of the village. The main portion of the reservation comprises an irregularly shaped lake into which the Csiliz channel empties from the northwest.

It was declared to be under protection in 1964 in order to preserve the reservation's significant biological and cultural values, the plants and animals that are largely only present in the Danube backwaters and alluvial forests. The backwater is called Lion or Szakajtás by locals. The main portion of the reservation comprises an irregularly shaped lake into which the Csiliz channel empties from the northwest. There are 350 valuable species of plants living in and around the water. There are mostly only domestic species in the forests around the lake.

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The three-story wooden mill building has a structure that is considered unique in Central Europe. A small open-air museum has been established beside the water mill including the accessories of rural life on the waterfront.

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A javasolt megközelítés nem feltétlenül veszi figyelembe az aktuális forgalmirend változásokat.


Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 85 km
Duration: 08:29:45
Ascent: 305 m
Descent: 30 m
Refreshing point: Nincs
Level difference: 30m
Created: 2019.10.04
Number of appearance: 4730
Number of viewing: 3025
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