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2019. August 29.

Tired of walking and not too enthusiastic about biking either? Join us and row along the Moson-Danube. The Danube, a river dividing into thousands of distributaries, slows down at Szigetköz, its stream becoming calmer, and this makes it an ideal place for an excursion for all ages. This tour can be completed easily, even by beginners, if there is an experienced tour guide present, but those who love a challenge will not be disappointed either. The wonderful world of water awaits you. Dive in!

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Ajánlott: osztályoknak, családoknak  

Kényelmes haladást engedő, könnyen teljesíthető távokat magába foglaló túra. Napi 3-4 órás túratávok 

Javasolt napi távok:

Daily distance: 23 - 25 km. In Kimle, not too far from each other, two camping places are available (one in Kimle and one in Novákpuszta), with established facilities, a snack bar and beach access. In Novákpuszta, there is an option to order meals for groups.

Daily distance: 18 km. Camping option in Dunaszentpál, with facilities, a snack bar and beach access.

Daily distance: 12 km. Camping option with a camp fire place in Kunsziget.

Daily distance: 13 km. Possibility of making a stop in Győr, on Aranypart beach, using established facilities, and with dining options.

arrival: Győr, Aranypart

A javasolt megközelítés nem feltétlenül veszi figyelembe az aktuális forgalmirend változásokat.


Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 65 km
Duration: 13:00:07
Ascent: 234 m
Descent: 18 m
Refreshing point: Nincs
Level difference: 18m
Created: 2019.10.04
Number of appearance: 4783
Number of viewing: 2553
Győr Időjárás

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Water tour on the river Váh (Vág)

The Váh is the longest river in Slovakia and forms the eastern border of the Rye Island (Žitný ostrov); it flows into the Danube River at the town of Komárno. The floodplain forests on the banks of the river are similar to those that enrich the banks of the Danube. The coastline is sandy at some places, almost “beach-like”, which makes it easy for enthusiasts to push their boats into the water. The one-day water tour we offer starts in the town of Kolárovo and ends in Komárno at the confluence of the two rivers. The distance is a total of 23 km offering a 5-hour boat trip for the lovers of active tourism. However, if you wish to add sightseeing to your water tour, both the starting point and the destination are perfect for this purpose. Perhaps the best-known watermill in the Rye Island is the ship mill in Kolárovo, which commemorates the agricultural history of the area. Komárno is also a perfect destination for sightseeing, especially for those who love history, as the fortification system and the György Klapka Square are also sights one should not miss.

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