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2021. September 10.

Anyone who regularly searches for tours on the website may come across headlines that are not clear, and the type of the tour is not obvious at first sight. In this case, however, the name of the bike tour clearly reveals what the tourists who choose this route can expect. Using the bike path along the Danube, we invite you to take the 64 km long cycle tour, where the untouched “European rainforests” and the man-made Danube landscape are alternating. The route starts and ends in the village of Hamuliakovo (Gútor), so you do not need to worry about getting back to your car.

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The village located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Šamorín is best known for its hotels and harbour. The Cormorant Park is a great place for a summer stroll, while the harbour and the banks of the Danube offer a great opportunity to spend a pleasant afternoon near the water, because there is a great opportunity for swimming.

Svatý Anton, which is part of the village of Báč, has been a well-known pilgrimage site throughout history and even today. The attractions of the village include the Franciscan church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. Several members of the Apponyi family and the poet László Amade rest in the tomb below. The former Apponyi Castle, which currently operates as a hotel, is also found in the village.

Through the villages of Kyselica (Keszölcés) and Baka, we reach the town of Gabčíkovo, which is known to most people for the hydroelectric power plant on its borders. Although the route we offer does not lead through the town, but on its edges, it is worth visiting the Amade Castle and the surrounding castle park. According to tradition, Maria Theresa gave birth to Joseph II here.

The banks of Danube, the castles and the churches are replaced by almost untouched nature. The forest parks along the Danube are specific natural formations, as they are considered to be the Central European counterparts of the tropical forests. The route also runs near the lakes of Šuľany (Süly) and Vojka nad Dunajom (Vajka), which are full of attractions. The so-called island of eagles also offers a stunning view. It is a landscape conservation area where lucky visitors can see plenty of native bird species.

The village in the immediate vicinity of the Danube is known among the residents of the Rye Island for its local ferry that runs between Vojka nad Dunajom and Kyselica. It is extremely important for the tour because we can cross the river by ferry and return to the village of Hamuliakovo using the bicycle path along the Danube, thus finishing our round trip.

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Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 68 km
Duration: 04:32:19
Ascent: 0 m
Descent: 0 m
Refreshing point: Van
Level difference:
Created: 2021.07.26
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