Hungary, 9022 Győr, Liszt F. u 20, Zichy-palota
47.68885400, 17.63707000

Arrabona EGTC

2021. November 04.

Event is

  • Indoor
  • Family friendly


Starting: 2021. 11. 04. 19:00
Ending: 2021. 11. 04. 21:00
Location: Hungary, 9022 Liszt F. u 20, Zichy-palota
Győr Időjárás

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Trade-sign tour

00:24:44 - Könnyű - Sightseeing

When you look up at them, you will see the past come to life. They each keep a page of living history and tell the story to those who will listen. Some are old, some new, some legendary, some antique, some modern, some made of wood and others of metal, some colorful, some somber. Their common trait, however, is that they all add something special to the inimitable atmosphere of the downtown. They provide sights to behold 24/7, they are places to meet up at and serve as town curiosities. These are the trade signs of Győr. We have collected a few of these for you to seek out and you may also want to add your favorites to the list.

Thermal tour

06:34:16 - Medium - Bicycle tour

The name of the next tour including the word “thermal” can be misleading as it is really a bicycle tour. We recommend it to those who would like to cycle, but also desire a little relaxation at the end of the day. The route we offer connects the medicinal and adventure spas of the Rye Island as part of a bicycle tour. The participants of the tour have the opportunity to visit each of the thermal spas, get to know the landscape of the Rye Island while cycling, and protect the Nature, as their emission is almost zero. The starting point is Komárom and the destination is Dunajská Streda. The chosen route is also favourable for those who are willing to cycle “only” to the destination, as there is an (indirect) train line between the two towns.