Slovakia, 929 01 Dunaszerdahely, Korzo Bélu Bartóka 788/1
47.99475600, 17.61621100

Arrabona EGTC

The center for the arts is located in the city center of Dunajská Streda and offers a rich array of cultural and leisure programs. Among the troupes operating from here are the Aranykert (Golden Garden) Puppet Theater and the Rivalda Theater, which has grown into a municipal theater.

Attendance: Nyitvatartási időben

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Lutheran Church

The church was constructed between 1863 and 1883 in simplified Neo-Romanesque style. Its ceiling is level and its structure is solved with an interesting example of suspension, the layout is polyangular, the tower, built only 1938, somewhat exceeds the surface of the main facade. The marble baptismal font dates back to 1883, the organ to 1903 and the main neoclassicist altar made in Besztercebánya, to 1933.

Szent István (Saint Stephen) Square

Where the main square is today, there was once a lake surrounded by thatch-roofed houses. The lake was gradually filled up and the area fell into disrepair until at the end of the 1930s a new park was established in the area where the Martyrs' Memorial and the Saint Stephen Memorial can be seen today.

Memento Memorial

In October of 1991, a memorial was dedicated in Dunaszerdahely to honor the Jewish community that had once lived here. The memorial depicts a torso in the sheet of stone breaking the tables of the Ten Commandments and burning them, underneath, we can see the footprints of the victims.

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