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2019. August 29.

Indeed even kings and emperors have spent time in this nation of ours for one reason or another, perhaps they were dealing out justice, sitting counsel or fighting on the battlefield. Walk the paths they once did and become acquainted with the artefacts and relics that uphold their memories, stop for a moment and experience living history.

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After the Tatar Invasion, Béla IV traveled through Hungary several times to serve justice and put an end to abuse and misrule. He held a tribunal at the so-called Királyszék (King's Chair) located on the border of Győr in the direction of Ménfőcsanak in 1244. That day in history is commemorated with a stone cross marking where the King's Chair had once stood.

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This residential home built in the 17th century and renovated in Baroque style is sometimes called the Napoleon House as after the Battle of Győr (Kismegyer), the French ruler spent a night here. At present, the building houses exhibitions of Hungarian and foreign contemporary artists.

The bourgeois residential home found in downtown Győr dates back to the 17th century and was reconstructed in Baroque style in the 18th century. It is referred to as the 'Napoleon House' as after the Battle of Győr (Kismegyer) on August 31, 1809, the French ruler spent a night here. This building is an exhibition venue for the Flóris Rómer Museum of Art and History. It features the works of contemporary Hungarian and international artists.

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The cathedral, built during the reign of Saint Stephan is unique in Hungary as it is home to three holy sites, the Herma of Saint Laslo, the Relic of the Weeping Virgin Mother and the grave of beatified Vilmos Apor can all be found here. In the lower room of the museum, visitors can get to know the story of the basilica's construction as well as its most important artistic artifacts with the help of tableaus and televisions. The old safe now features a showcase containing the liturgic treasures of the past 500 years. The tombstones of the bishops of Győr and other famous persons can be seen on the walls. The upper-level features a throne installation showing visitors the facial reconstruction of St. Laslo. Artifacts of the Hungarian cult of St. Laslo ornament the walls.

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The institution holds two significant artifacts related to King Matthias. At the treasury exhibition, we can see the 15th-century Florentine ceremonial clothing featuring the Hunyadi Dynasty’s raven crest on its lower half. According to tradition, this was a gift to the cathedral from the king. The library’s most precious artifact is a corvina from King Matthias's renowned collection. This was the first corvina to be translated into Hungarian. Due to its sensitivity, this extremely valuable book cannot be viewed at the permanent exhibition, however, a replica was published in 2018.

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In the times of Maria Theresa, a postal carriage inn operated in one of the most beautiful spots in Gönyű, on the banks of the Danube. The large building complex was built based on the plans of Jakab Fellner and construction lasted from 1759 to 1769. The emperor Franz most likely spent a night here at the very beginning of the 19th century when the Rotaházy family was awarded the title of nobility.

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