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2019. August 29.

Curious to see where Napoleon’s armies faced off with Hungarian nobles, where the battle for the Hungarian throne was fought in the early middle ages, or whether Ferenc Rakoczi II fought in our county? On this tour you will find out why the victory our ancestors won against the Eastern Frank army at the end of the battle of Bratislava was so significant and how Győr pays its respects to the heroes of the World Wars. A trip through space and time! Come with us and experience living history.

Plánovanie túry

The Battle of Győr (Kismegyer June 14, 1809) was the only battle of the Napoleonic Wars fought on Hungarian soil as well as the last conflict in which the forces of Hungarian nobles’ uprising took part. The monument was built on the site of the battle to honor the heroes who fell here.

The Hungarian defeat was not due to the lack of soldiers but to the fact that the French outnumbered them and the mistakes that were made by the military leaders. The memorial honors the heroes who fell here. According to the Hungarian, German and French memorial plaque 39 600 people fought on the side of the nobles' uprising against the French Emperor's army of 40 thousand and the number of fallen men on both sides was 3031. The bronze Turul bird with extends its wings standing on a mound of battle equipment on top of a 3-meter rectangular obelisk made of grey limestone from Süttő, the outward-facing cannons by each of the four corners of the memorial were brought from the castle in Komarno.

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The Battle of Bratislava was fought near present-day Bratislava sometime between July 4 and 7 of 907. The conflict between the Eastern Franks and the Hungarians saw the Hungarians deal a devastating defeat to their enemy. The memorial was renovated to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of the battle.

This was one of the most significant battles of the early middle ages. After the conquering Magyars entered in 895-896, by 907 Hungarian rule extended to the west nearly to the River Enns in modern-day Austria, this is why the East Frank Kingdom wanted to exact a definitive strike on the Hungarians in order to destroy them or drive them back out of the previously Frankish areas, Great Moravia and Pannonia. The battle ended with a sweeping victory by the Hungarians resulting in more lands conquered toward the Enns. This fateful battle ended the Conquest and this was also our first battle in defense of our homeland. The Citizens' Non-profit Association of Győrság dedicated the memorial in 2017 to the honor 1100th anniversary of the Battle of Bratislava, the artwork was done by Péter Kiss.

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The stone and carved grave marker (kopjafa) commemorate Rákóczi's War of Independence. According to legend Rákóczi himself was here, but in reality, it was János Bottyán.

The memorial stone reads as follows: „ Supposedly this was where Ferenc Rákóczi II watched the battle between the kuruc Forgách's men and the Austrian forces commanded by Heister taking place on the Plain of Koroncó in 1704 from. This place was named by the municipalities of Kisbarát and Csanak in memory of the great prince in 1941.” It is a proven fact that the prince was never here, however, the kuruc general János Bottyán did spend some time here in 1707. At the beginning of the 1700s, there was a forest where the memorial stone is today, the woods were, however, cut down to make room for vineyards, with the exception of one elm tree which died in the 1930s and was subsequently cut down. The stone now stands in its place, it was marked later with the carved wooden grave marker.

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On July 5, 1044, Péter, supported by Holy Roman Emperor Henry III defeated Sámuel Aba in what later became known as the Battle of Ménfő. An emblazoned marble block was erected in 1994 in the cemetery garden to commemorate the significant historical events of Ménfőcsanak, thus the Battle of Ménfőcsanak as well.

This was the day of the conflict for the throne between the troops of Péter (the former king) supported by Holy Roman Emperor Henry III and Sámuel Aba (the current king). The battle ended in victory for Péter and Henry III. After this, they named Ménfő the 'Mad German.' In 1994 a marble memorial was erected in the graveyard referencing the significant events in the history of the town of Ménfőcsanak, thus the Battle of Ménfő as well.

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On the southern side of the double bridge over the Rába, in one of the most beautiful spots in Győr, a memorial for the heroes of WWI was created in by the sculptor János Horvay in 1936, the monument was dedicated on July 3, 1938.

The memorial dedication ceremony was held at night so that the illuminated memorial structure could shine in all its glory. Apart from the military salute it received, the memorial was unveiled by Duke Albrecht who also made a speech at the ceremony. Every year on the Hungarian Heroes' Memorial Day a ceremony is held to honor those who died for their country and a wreath is placed on the memorial.

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